By carliewired

80 F/ 27 C

Another day with 
some errands to keep us just
a little busy


We were up enjoying our first coffee just after 8 this morning. It's another beautiful day in Arizona so we relaxed and savoured it. After breakfast, we headed off to get some tasks completed.

My brother wanted a trip to the barber before leaving on Friday. I found a barber shop near my grocery store. There were no other customers when we walked in. I sat in a loveseat in air conditioned comfort listening to Christmas music, while my brother was in the chair. It took all of 20 minutes for his haircut and beard trimming. 

I was looking for a saguaro in metal for my "Christmas tree" this year. I had a vision of it draped in mini lights glowing in the dark. We had been noticing a roadside display as we drove along the frontage road over the past week. We made a stop at another vendor first, but he was absent. We could only look through the gauge wire fence. I have to say he didn't have a very good selection. Some of his sculptures were interesting, but some were rather ugly. 

We drove on to the vendor on the frontage road where I found a five foot saguaro that I really liked. The vendor wrapped it in plastic wrap so it would not tear my upholstery. He loaded it into my car and we were on our way home. 

I will work on that 'tree' this afternoon and get lights on it, too. 

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