By carliewired

81 F / 27 C

My Arizona
Christmas tree was fun to put
together - with lights! 


A five foot metal sculpture poses some challenge getting it home. I found this lovely "cactus" on the south frontage road. The vendor wrapped it generously in plastic film so it wouldn't scratch the inside of my car. 

 A couple of times it rattled over the bumps in the road but I got it home safely. My brother got it out of the car for me, into my sun room and set it down on the floor. He peeled off the plastic and we set some cement blocks on the foot of it in case the wind comes up. 

I had purchased a box of 200 clear mini lights which we wrapped around the entire sculpture from top to bottom. My brother stretched an extension cord to the base of the sculpture to plug in the lights. We were in business! 

At dusk, I looked out to the sun room to catch the lights on my new Christmas tree. It's perfect! 

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