An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Low winter sun...

Not long till we reach winter solstice and we will be marching towards spring!  :-)  I do love living in a country that has four seasons (often in one day :-) 

Today's main event was a visit to Bennybeg Garden Centre near Crieff to buy a Christmas wreath for our front door, and a gift to take to our friends Alan and Gail who have invited us for a festive lunch on Sunday.

Oh my....they had lots of lovely festive things to tempt me!  

First thing I saw were little wicker robin plant pots with beautiful tiny primroses growing in them.  Two of them went in the trolley, one for Alan and Gail and one for D's sister Ele who we are also seeing on Sunday.  Then I saw a sign that said Christmas Shop and I was off like a two bob rocket in that direction :-)

Remember I said recently we don't need any more Christmas decorations?  Well turns out we did! ;-) And before you say poor David, he was also putting Christmas decs in the trolley!  LOL!  

We definitely have enough now!

It was 4.15pm as we were driving home and it was dark and we pondered that if it was summertime we would be thinking it was the middle of the day and talking about what else we were going to in the garden, sit in the Gin Palace, golf (D not me!) go for a run in the car, have a bbq, sit outside having coffee at a local cafe maybe...but in winter it was straight home to organise dinner and settle in for the night.  Basically guilt free laziness, and just when we are getting fed up of guilt free laziness, spring arrives bringing lighter evenings and that familiar energy burst, just when it's needed.  And that's why I love living in a country with four seasons, each one lasts just the right amount of time, global warming aside :-/

Still not been able to get hold of Alan's Gastro Consultant but D spoke to Alan's GP today and she has given the go ahead for him to start his course of steroids so hopefully he will be feeling much better in the next few days.

On a different note, I am looking for a tried and tested recipe for gingerbread cookies.  If you have one please share :-))


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