Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Pony fun

A total difference in the weather today! Bright, windless and sunny! We really do have the weirdest weather anywhere!

Daughter One has gone away today with friends to a Field Centre in the Lake District where they'll stay until after Hogmanay. No doubt they'll get some walking done, weather permitting.

We drove up to Tralee Beach this morning and walked in at the far end. There were a few folk on the beach, dog-walking mainly, and a group of girls on ponies - my Blip today. Every so often they would ride up to one end of the beach and set off back again at a gallop - one of them is my extra today.

A beautiful morning, with gentle waves rolling on to the beach - perfect calm and sunshine. In the background, behind the left-hand pony, can be seen Lochnell House.

Back for lunch and then a walk down to the town to rummage in one or two charity shops. Home again in the sunshine - the temperature read 1.9 degrees, but the forecast tomorrow is not for frost, but for heavy rain. Wish it would make its mind up!

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