By Ridgeback13


I was determined to crack on today and managed to unpack my case and get two lots of washing on before I was dressed! Then I had a couple of catch up phone calls and nipped to the shops to pick up some food…made a lovely carrot and coriander soup for lunch.
Emptied all the bags and boxes from the car, took down the Christmas decorations and packed them down into the basement store, put some pictures up, wrote lists, organised travel insurance etc etc
Chatted to my friend GG in France, then to A on her way home, and did some planning for houseswaps later in the year (although I’m getting frazzled by the options and juggling dates!). For one person I was writing to I needed to take a photo of the stairs up to the flat and this ended up being my only photo of the day….
Made some cauliflower cheese for supper and caught up on the Post Office docudrama….what a shocking series of actions. Terrible to see how people were (still are!) treated.

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