Capital adventures

By marchmont


Quiet kind of day. In the morning up to 1MK to change my rupees, hand my M&S skirt in to get shortened and arranged a hair appointment.

Home for a wee bit then across to HK to get the full story of last night. Seems I had a lucky escape. Then Wen Hui remembered Amelia had a party so I helped Olivia with her bag craft project and then after 5 we went for a swim in GK. The HL pool was busy. The GK one, as usual, was empty.

It was a home cooked meal tonight and then a programme about A380s.

Now home watching a series on Netflix, made in Italian, dubbed into French with English subtitles.

Kitty was out of the wardrobe today, either awake or sleeping in a chair. It's all down to Irn Bru's influence

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