talloplanic views

By Arell


I nearly didn't have a blip for today because I did nothing other than look either at spreadsheets or out of the window at the howling wind and rain.  But then I remembered that, care of @steveng, it was MonoMonday again and, necessity being the mother of invention and all that, I had a flash of inspiration.  Well, given how little sleep I managed last night, and faking my way through a day's work, probably less a flash and more a flicker.

There aren't very many possessions I can think of that I would call treasured.  Perhaps half a dozen.  The things I would try to rescue first from a fire, say.  It's only bits of paper, really, but this now 44 year-old tourbook is one of them.

It's actually a coincidence that I chose to photograph it today, in a week of endless, powerful and tiresome storms, for the main photograph used by artist Hugh Syme for the tourbook cover – and the album itself, Permanent Waves – was the seawall at Galveston on the south Texas coast during Hurricane Carla in 1961.  Galveston had been smashed to pieces in 1900, and in 1904 they started building sea defences.

Syme cheekily added himself to the photograph: he's the one waving in the background.

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