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By walkingMarj


It was fine when I left home for my walk this morning, but, by the time I reached Haughton Mains Farm, a wind sprang up and it started to rain.

I decided to cut back home on the field path to avoid the worst of the weather. It’s quite flat and I walked carefully.

THEN, I encountered this fallen tree across the gate.

Should I retrace my steps all the way back to the road or should I look for another way? I pottered along the next field and there was a very easy fence to climb. No good for me and the new hip of course.

The stream I needed to cross was also too full and fast too.

I then crossed the field in another direction and thankfully found that a small tree had knocked down a wire fence. I was able to step over into the next field and reach the next bridge over the stream.

It was a bit of an adventure! (I did walk quite sedately!)

Yesterday we had a power cut from 1508 to 2330. That was a challenge. Joan came early to check on us, bringing extra lights and more candles and a cooking stove. We sat in my lounge with our fire on (calor gas, coal effect), until bedtime.

The stair lift works on a battery when there is a power cut. The electric chair does not and was in the ejector seat mode when the power went off! Mum could not sit down again.

We survived and were very glad that the electricity came on again last night.

There was a surreal moment when Powergrid told us that our power was on but they were wrong!

The village plan to contact people who live alone worked and Margret had a visit during the evening to check she was OK.

I visited Jenny and Dennis today to see that they were doing OK while Kate is on holiday.

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