By hazelh

Lost, found, lost, found

This blip will amuse walkingmarj.

When I returned from the gym at lunchtime on Wednesday and was hanging up my coat, I realised that my hat was no longer on my head. I soon worked out where it must be. After the strength training class, Lissa and I got into a bit of a tangle when taking our hats, coats, and scarves off a shared hook. I was pretty sure that someone would have picked my hat up off the floor that afternoon and handed it in.

Unfortunately, my hat could not be found at the gym this morning. I checked the cloakroom/locker area and asked at the office, then Joe emptied the lost property box. The only grey hat to be found was a baseball  hat. 'Oh well', I thought, 'It was old, and I have another (purple) ski hat that I can wear when trekking back and forth to the gym. I might even find another grey one in a charity shop'.

On the way back home from the gym today, I stopped at the Bethany shop for a quick browse. There was a lovely, brand new, mauve White Stuff dress in my size for £9.50 - excellent! Just as I was heading to the till to pay for it, I spotted a box of hats on a low table. Inside it was a hat that looked just like my lost one! In fact, I was pretty sure it was mine kidnapped by the Bethany shop and now on sale for £3!

It turns out that the staff found the hat on a ledge in the shop at lunchtime on Wednesday (left by me on my way home from the gym). They had put it aside in case the owner came back. Two days later, they decided that the hat had been abandoned, so they just added it to stock. The manager returned it to me today free of charge, remarking that you have to be careful in that shop. Stand still and you risk a member of staff fixing a price tag on you!

This afternoon I headed up to campus for the meeting postponed from Wednesday. We had a good discussion with Marina, then ended the working week with drinks at Montpeliers. Once again, however, I left something behind. This time it was the purple scarf that my niece Ailish (Paddy's sister) crocheted for me, now left hanging on a peg in Peter's office. I couldn't be bothered to return to fetch it, so I asked if Peter could give it to Bruce next week, and I would collect it from Bruce some time soon. When I returned to the flat, however, I found the purple scarf where it is normally stored in a box in our porch. I hadn't even been wearing it this afternoon. Aargh!

My blip is of the two stars of my blip today lost, found, lost, and found: my much loved hat and scarf.

The traitors final is tonight.

Exercise today: 1 hour on the exercise bike; pilates class (with Magda - very different from Marc's approach, but absolutely brilliant); swim (30 lengths); walking (18,022 steps).

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