By pensionspoet

New pizza chef!

We have had the usual productive Saturday, with boring had to be done jobs, together with fun stuff.

A bit of hoovering after a late breakfast, before going to Holt for coffee and a wander. I bought a yoga bag which will fit both our mats in it. Jon bought me a new purse. He said it was an addition to my birthday. I didn’t turn it down. Smaller than my last one, to go in my smaller handbag he bought me for Christmas. We bumped into fellow blipper JohnRH who recognised me! That’s what happens when you blip lots of selfie photos! Ha ha. Actually we had met before a couple of summers ago. It was nice to pass the time of day and comment on the merits of the Blip community!

In the afternoon Jon had jobs in the bathroom to do. Removing the horrible mouldy silicone and replacing it with quadrant we bought last weekend. I finished the hoovering, then spent a couple of hours sorting through my many files of work notes, trying to put them into some order, whilst also parting company with a big chunk of paperwork. I need to burn it all now, but was pleased with the progress and did it all whilst chatting to mum on FaceTime. I also moved my desk so that it is under the window, in the hope that stops the glare on my screens. I hate having to close the curtains when the sun is out.

We had pizza for 3, and as you can see Henry has stepped up to take Mollie’s place in the kitchen. I must remember to show him the menus for the week :-)

I then spent a couple of hours doing some craft stuff. The room didn’t feel so officy today.

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