An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Go west...

Up early and in the pool for an hour (actually was closer to an hour and a half) of hydrotherapy.  

The freedom of movement I have in the pool is exhilarating and coupled with great music playing loudly at decent volume, it wasn't long before the endorphins were pumping and the feel-good factor was ramped up.  Exercise really has to be enjoyable to be sustainable I feel.  Well for me anyway.

I have a few little houseplants that live on the counter top beside the kitchen sink (if moved they would perish within a week as the chances of them being watered is pretty much nil!) and a couple of them need re-potted.  This in itself is a minor miracle as I am the kiss of death to houseplants (I've even killed cacti in the past!) so a trip to Glendoick Garden Centre was planned.

Coincidentally it was lunch time when we arrived not sure how that happened tee hee!  so a quick visit to the cafe saw us enjoying a mug of their lentil and ham soup and a sandwich (BLT for D, Coronation chicken for me :-) before spending rather a long time in their fabulous shopping area.  

Our trip to buy a couple of plant pots, which should have cost around £10 saw us spending a bit more as we saw a perfect vase for the windowsill in the living room (a gap that's been needing filled for months) reading specs for D (he keeps losing them so is banned from buying expensive ones), three-section recycle bin for the utility room,  some frozen curries from their excellent freezer section, and the plant pots.  I resisted buying a very  lovely handbag and a scarf as I could open a shop selling both these items.  Felt rather proud of myself for walking away :D 

As we headed home the grey day took on a beautiful orange hue as the setting sun sent glowed through the gaps in the clouds.  It was rather lovely but difficult to capture its true beauty on my phone in a moving car. 

I really must do something about my camera situation.  I keep reaching the logical conclusion of selling my entire Canon kit and using the funds to buy a lighter camera that my hands can cope with, but when it comes to the crunch I bottle it.  I've invested so much time and money in my current kit but if I'm reluctant to use it, it's daft to have it just sitting in a cupboard.  Going to give myself a proper talking to as I would really love to have new kit by the time we go on holiday to Oban in April.  

I suppose the first step is finding out how much I would get for my kit (recommendations of who might buy it gratefully received :-) then I can begin looking seriously for a lighter replacement.  A  professional photographer friend has recently purchased a Panasonic Lumix GX80 to supplement his full frame kit and is really impressed with it.  It gets great reviews so that may be an option. 

I am hoping with a lighter camera my photography mojo will return as it's been missing for so long now and I miss it. 

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