Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Birthday Tulips

I figured I should probably blip these before they are past their prime.  Hubs always gives me tulips for my birthday knowing that they are my favorite flower.  When we got married, I wanted chubby blue vases of white tulips on each table.  There is just something about them that I find endlessly appealing.  These are a lovely vibrant color combo - I've actually desaturated the color just a bit in this image.

I had a meltdown with the Z8 today when it suddenly stopped doing something I count on it to do.  I spent a frustrating hour trying to find a solution before I finally posted to the Z8 FB group I belong to.  Although no one immediately identified the fix, they made other suggestions that finally led me to the solution.  Not before I filled the air with some very spicy language, though.

We took Jax to the park today for a snifari walk - which also entailed endless stops to mark what seemed like every blade of grass.  Towards the end, he could barely muster a dribble.  And now he is passed out in front of the fire.

Hubs and I watched "Music of the Heart" with Meryl Streep last night and really enjoyed it.  Loosely based on a true story and very heartwarming.  This was recommended to me by a former Blipper who I reconnected with on an Entomology group on FB several years ago - more info than you probably needed, but illustrates the wonders of social media.  

Today has been a beautiful sunny day with more of the same in the forecast going well into next week.  Although full sun makes for less desirable photos, I am delighted to be seeing sun after so many cloudy days.  And I celebrated with a plain square of dark chocolate!


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