An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Heart of my bottom...

Is it a heart or is it a bahookie?  You can decide, but I'm sticking with heart :-)

So, I've been absent for a few days.  I could say it was because I'd been whisked off on a private jet to some sunshine paradise like Mauritius or the Maldives, or Troon even, but alas not.  

No, I've spent the last few days in the throes of another bout of renal colic due to my kidney stone.  I shall go back and fill in the gaps so won't repeat myself here, it's boring enough without recording it twice!

After a very last night last night I slept till 11.30am!  Still felt rotten when I woke up.  Pain makes me sluggish and slow, there's just no hurrying.  I had planned to be showered, dressed and downstairs by 1pm, but it was almost 2pm before I made it, partly due to being delayed by a text from Ele.  An exciting one! :-)

She had an appointment yesterday at Catherine of Partick (well known Mother of the Bride/Groom boutique in Glasgow) to look for an outfit for Andrew's wedding.  Jen ( her daughter) and Nikki (the bride) went with her.  She was texting to tell me she's got her outfit!  Photos followed and it's absolutely beautiful.  Won't be revealed on here till 17th July :-))

After lunch I spent a little while in the studio colour testing paint for Agnes's painting.  At the moment I think it will mainly be Paynes grey, buff titanium and indigo with some little accents of green gold and sap green (recording that incase I forget :-)

Dinner tonight was seabass with roasted veg and baby potatoes.  D made it, as he has done all weekend.  He looks after me so well :-) He appeared with the heart/bum potato and presented it with a flourish.  He knows how to make me laugh :-)

Final painkillers and antibiotics then I shall rattle off to bed.

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