By Teasel

Cockburn Street

I worked in the office today.  The bus journey in was busy.  To make matters worse, some poor person was sick.  I couldn’t wait to get off the bus.  I didn’t feel quite right all day after that. 
There were a select few of us in the office today.  There was plenty to be done, and I ended up having a late meeting which I wasn’t really expecting would run on as long as it did.  I was beyond done in by the time I left, and of course I got home far too late.  BB was already at football training -= his first training session in a couple of weeks.  He survived it.

I was so glad I had the opportunity to escape the office for half an hour at lunchtime.  I just had a wander, but my goodness it is very windy again. 
I went out for my last few steps after tea, a very quick walk around the block.
This is Cockburn Street at lunchtime.  I can’t help thinking that some sunshine and blue sky would transform the image.  The extra is a picture of BB (number 15) being tackled,  from Saturday’s rugby match, which I got today – it was taken by a professional photographer.

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