An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Thirteen Happy Years...

When D bought me my first digital camera for Christmas 2010 (a wee Olympus E-450, that I was so intimidated by it I had to ask my nephew to set the date and time on it!) I didn't for one second imagine the photographic journey hate that word but it fits I was about to take.

Oh the joy that little camera brought me.  I'd always had a camera but it was for recording life with.  Holiday snaps, family occasions, Christmas etc etc, but here I was discovering another side to photography, photography that appealed to my artistic side.   

This new discovery was encouraged by my introduction to Blipfoto.  What a joy that was!  I had a reason to use my camera every single day to capture the best photograph I could, to share with the most amazing bunch of like-minded people, who inspired me in return with their amazing photographs and wonderful write ups.  Friendships made from all around the world.

And here I am still here thirteen years later!  I could never have predicted that! 

And I have come full circle with my photography too.  The days of pushing myself and my camera to make a photograph are gone and I am back to taking snaps, only now on my phone.  And I don't feel bad about that, as looking back over my journal it's the everyday snaps that have the most meaning for me.

But some days deserve a little bit more effort and Blip Anniversaries  certainly do, so the Canon was released from the bag for the first time this year, the 100mm lens attached and I indulged myself in my main photography love, macro :-)  It was great fun and I've kept the camera out of the bag...

Thank you all you lovely people who keep popping into my journal with your lovely comments, stars and hearts, despite me being awful at reciprocating.  

After being shocked by an update on my phone telling me how many hours had been spent online I have made a real effort to spend more time in the real world but I promise I am trying to work out a way to fit blip in.  

And what better excuse to play the song that my journal name comes from, to celebrate all the stories caught up in the photographs we blip.

Here's to the next thirteen years.  Take it away Jamie :-))

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