An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

I spy with my little eye...

Something beginning with ESP... (*answer at the end for the hard of guessing ;-)

When Blip informed me three days ago that I was three blips away from a milestone entry, I was really excited because my lovely friend Fiona was due to visit with her current painting for me to photograph, so I knew I was onto a winner for my celebratory blip!  

Unfortunately she rang this morning in a panic, just as I'd finished setting up my little photography table to ensure the painting got the best natural light, to say she'd decided yesterday to re-do a section of the painting and it wasn't finished.  On no!  I will now collect it after her dad's funeral on Tuesday, photograph it on Wednesday and she will collect it on Thursday on her way to Glasgow to deliver it to her client.  Talk about cutting it fine!  

So what to blip?  

David was golfing, Alan and Penny were out gallivanting, Lola was a complete mess after her walk with R and confined to the boot room, absolutely nothing of interest in the house or garden, and with my macro lens on a shelf I couldn't reach (wonder who put it there?!!! David) there wasn't even the chance of an arty close up of something ordinary.  Buggah!  After a long ponder, me is all I could come up with.

Looking on the positive side (I refuse to accept any other side :-) at least there's a Blipversary photo of me that I can look back on in another 12 Blip years - cough - if I'm still upright! -  and say "Wow!  you thought your crow's feet were bad then!"  Tee hee!

I could have blipped the new kitchen chairs but David unboxed the first one over an hour ago and there's a small degree of self assembly so it will probably be Tuesday before they're ready to photograph I will save them for another day.

So all that's left is the proverbial thank you's to all you lovely people who keep me here with your wonderful photos and write ups and glimpses into your lives.  It's such a privilege to "know" you all and to share in all your everyday shenanigans as we stoat (good Scots word :-) through our lives together.  

And of course thank you to the amazing Blip Bots who keep this very special corner of the internet going.  Please keep up the very excellent work! :-) 

The very first blipper I ever met in real life, Peter (aka Sleepyhead) is visiting tomorrow.  Can't believe that first meeting was 11 years ago!  How time flies.  Peter had become a good real life friend to D and me (as have a few other blippers :-) and if my timing was better, he would have a very appropriate blip today.  Oh well :D

Just for fun and my own curiosity,  I've listed some milestone blips and blip meets below.  Some Blippers I've only met once and others (the usual suspects ;-) I've met many times, and each and every one has been a pleasure to spend time with.  Of course there are still SO many of you that I would love to meet!  Hope we can make that happen :-)

Apologies if I've forgotten anyone in my list.  I blame my menopausal brain!

Most viewed blip
Most favourited and starred blip
First group blip meet :-)
The Nutters & Tricia R :-))
Gitama (Sadly no photo of us in my journal but Peter managed to get us! :-)
Ann & Molly    And Trixie :-)
Patricia  (looking forward to our third holiday with Patrica later this year.  This time in Harris and Lewis!  :-))
Inge and Karen
Karen Julia (and her husband Dave on a previous visit :-)
Strawhouse & family
Kas18 & Math1e

I also met Freuchie in the passing but that was a complete fluke not an actual blip meet.  Hope we can meet up properly sometime :-)

*ESP....Emergency Self Portrait :-)

PS Being pedantic about it, my actual Blipversary is 3rd April but like our late Queen, I don't mind having two special occasions to celebrate ;-)))

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