An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

They're heeeeeeeeeere!!!!!

The scones were baked, the Empire biscuits iced, the Victoria sponge filled, the sandwiches made, the sausage rolls warmed and the special biscuits plated phone pinged ETA 16 mins...ETA 12 mins...ETA 8ins...ETA 6mins....oh the tension!!

And then they were here!!!!   (Lovely Trisha, the normal one (well on the outside ;-) had arrived earlier.  I've been Blip pals with Trisha for ages but this is the first time we've met.  She's as lovely as I thought she'd be :-)

And so began an afternoon of eating, drinking and being merry, without alcohol!  And laughter, lots of laughter.  And Lola demanding attention!  Having four lovely ladies fussing over her she was in her element!  Although D did take her to the living room while we ate so we wouldn't be drowning in slavers! 

It's been four years since Mad Jane as she's known in our house came to visit with her wonderful pal Paula.  Poor LeeAnne is hosting their visit.  Selfless she is!  And bedless!  lol

If you can bear to look in extras you will see a little glimpse of how the afternoon panned out, including my "special" biscuits...and I'm not talking about the Empire biscuits :-))

Thank you for a great day you weirdos.  Laughter follows you everywhere, in a good way ;-)) 

Same again next year?  

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