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First things first, thank you all SO much for your lovely comments, stars and hearts on my 12 year blipversary yesterday.  I am completely overwhelmed by your kindness.  What a wonderful place Blip is and no matter how much criticism is made of the internet, I will always be incredibly thankful that this modern technology has allowed me to "meet" and spend time with you wonderful people.  Long may it continue :-))

It seems appropriate that the day after my Blipversary my oldest (in length of time, not age :-) Blip pal, Peter, was coming to visit for the weekend and arrived just as I was throwing together a pot of chilli for tomorrow's dinner.

This is a new chilli recipe to me and contains more spices than I would normally use, but I liked the look of it and felt Peter would be a good guinea pig :-)) It certainly smelt delicious as it simmered and the spoonful I had at the end to check seasoning was rather good so I am looking forward to tomorrow's dinner :-)

We enjoyed lunch of homemade lentil and ham soup with ancient grains sourdough bread (David was concerned that ancient grains were grains that had been lying around the bakery for a long time!  hahahahaha!) then a leisurely afternoon catching up, including chocolate birthday cake belatedly celebrating Peter's and my January birthdays.

Great to hear all of Peter's news including the exciting prospect of his move from the east of the country to Largs in the west.  He can expect regular visitors once he's in Largs (home to Nardini's - Scotland's most famous cafe and ice cream parlour ;-))

Normally when P visits I have a long list of IT problems for him to deal with or a similarly long list of photography questions for him, but my laptop has been behaving itself and with my photography mojo MIA, I did not trouble him with any such issues and we watched the Scotland v Wales rugby match instead. Fantastic result! :-))

Haggis, tatties & neeps for dinner, followed by toffee apple crumble then we all settled down and watched Ken Loach's film Angels' Share. 

Hatched a plan for tomorrow to go to the golf club for brunch then on to Scone Palace to see their displays of woodland snowdrops.  Happy Days :-)

PS Spices are smoked paprika, hot chilli powder, ground cumin, ground coriander, ground ginger, mixed herbs.  I halved the amount of cumin as felt  four teaspoons would be a bit overpowering.  Recipe here

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