By Teasel

Post Box

No one was up early today.  It was foggy when we surfaced, really foggy.  TT headed off to church and I went out for a quick walk as a warm up to my run.  I then headed out along the railway path and hardly met a soul.  I had to run on a minor road at tone point, and was a bit worried in case I met any traffic, thankfully I didn’t.
After a few chores and then lunch it seemed to be brightening up a bit so TT and I drove over to North Berwick for a beach walk.  Alas, there was no beach.  There was only a very high tide, with big waves crashing onto the shore.  It didn’t feel windy, but the waves were quite wild and  spectacular.  We walked down the Glen, along the road by the shore, round by the harbour, then along Forth Street.  By the time we got to Elcho Green, the sun had broken through and there were lots of people watching surfers ,, braving the waves.  We watcvhed for a w hile, then walked back to the car long the High Street and through the Lodge grounds. 
We went to the supermarket and then headed home.  I had hoped that BB might have packed his bag for the coming week while we were away – but that was too much to hope.  He did start to pile stuff up in the front room once we were back, seeking my advice from time to time.  Meanwhile TT shut himself away in the kitchen and cooked a roast chicken dinner.
Completely out of the blue, BB got his first offer of a University place.  He is delighted, and we are too.
I watched some TV, while BB turned his mind to packing.  I had to go to bed though – he takes his time! My sinus trouble is still hanging around unfortunately.  Painkillers have helped me through the day again.
This post box is on the road by the beach, and provides some colour on an otherwise grey day.  You can see the wild sea.  The extra is taken a bit later in the afternoon, once the sun appeared.

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