By Teasel

Busy Bee

BB had rugby this morning.  Although TT had got up early I didn’t think he had made sure BB was up and about, so I had to jump out of bed and make sure he was awake and likely to get up in time to get to the pre-match training.  Once the boys had left, I got myself organised, did a few jobs then walked down to watch the rugby. I went to the correct venue this week!  It was a really good game and our boys played really well.  It was really sunny and not cold, so that was also a bonus.  BB scored a try, but in the end the opposition just squeezed a win in the final throes of the game.  The boys headed home and I headed into town to do some shopping.
After lunch TT went out for a haircut and I did a few more chores.  BB was getting himself comfortable for watching an afternoon of rugby.  Later I left BB watching Ireland v France and went for a  walk.  Not a long walk, but a route I could probably do in my sleep.  It was rather windy though.  I got back in time for the Scotland match –and it was a good match – though BB told me it wasn’t as competitive as the earlier match.  Anyway a good result for Scotland.
TT made tea – a chicken and sausage dish, with some lovely dauphinoise potatoes – all courtesy of Nigella.
Later we watched three more episodes of Happy Valley.
I popped into St Mary’s Pleasance after football to check out the aconites.  They were looking magnificent the sunshine, and the bees were busy.  The extra is the rugby team, well the back of the rugby team!

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