The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

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I posted this to show that we do get the odd sunny day in February ! I've been given a room with a window and a partial view at the twin surgery. That always helps. 

Having been away from this surgery for four weeks, I must have died, apparently. No one asked me how I was or where I'd been! Only the cleaners greeted me warmly as I left. Maybe I must try and foster better relationships with the clinical and admin staff, not just the cleaners. 

As it was a fine day, I walked home. Have succeeded in booking a room and a night out in Cheltenham for this weekend. D wants to treat me. After several emails to tech support at travel diaries, I realise I can do better editing of my vanity project in Chrome. I wish it were Quark, but they must make me sound like a dinosaur. Hear me roar...

I'm also hoping they my friend E can drive for to join me in North Wales for a wee Easter break, but she had not confirmed her time off yet. I still need to earn some extra hours as well. Work! Who invented it? 


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