By Teasel

Pink Blossom

TT headed off to work and it didn’t matter whether I slept in or not today, as there was no BB to get out to school.  However, I did have a couple of work things to attend to, and it is always best to get that done and out of the way.  So, I didn’t lie in bed too long, I got up, put a load of washing on and then fired up my laptop.  I did a couple of things, then headed out for a walk, as I needed to speak to a couple of colleagues who weren’t on line at that early hour.
After a grotty couple of days, it was a really lovely morning.  I went slightly further than my usual pre-work walk, going round by the river.  By the time I got back, colleagues were on line and I managed to move things on.  I then had to call a colleague who had spent all day trying to get in touch with me – but failed.  We had a good chat and sorted a couple of other things up.  It was then time to log off.  A colleague said he would message me, if they needed me.  He did message me, but only to say everything was ok.  Hurrah!
I hung my washing out, and then headed out for a very lovely, though very muddy in places, run.  It was spring like, with blue sky, sunshine and a manageable breeze.
After lunch, I headed out to Dunbar, as I wanted to go to the lovely community fruit and veg shop – unfortunately, they didn’t have what I was after.  I did get some other stuff, and also got some bread from the community bakery, so it wasn’t a wasted journey.  I wandered around by the cliffs and the harbour.  The sea was so calm compared to last weekend and Monday.
Once home, I had to pop out again for a few things for tea.  My washing was dry – which was a great result.
After tea, TT and I watched the next episode of Criminal Record.  BB arrived home from his week away around 10pm.  He had a quick shower, got changed and was heading out to a party by 10:30pm!  I was dozing off by that time.  I wish I had some of his energy.
We’ve had a glimpse of life without BB this week – the fridge still has food in it and the laundry baskets are not overflowing!
I spotted this blossom this morning on my walk.  The extra shows the calm sea at Dunbar.

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