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By walkingMarj

Which season is it?

On my (short) walk today, I was admiring these copper beech leaves. They survived all winter and show no signs of falling yet.  I don't usually photograph them because it is the "wrong" season, but there they are.

I think you can almost feel how crisp and dry they are when you look at the image.

This morning, I was up and out soon after Joan arrived, to do a food shop at Aldi. There are some things I really like there, but our deliveries come from Tesco. (Had to call there too for prunes in syrup for Mum.)

I was back ready for Joan to leave. We had lunch and then I took the car to Lincoln Hill for my walk. By now the morning sunshine had disappeared and it was decidedly chilly and damp.

I pottered about with my camera, walked less that a mile, but tolerated my boots. No pain afterwards. Tomorrow I will reintroduce the exercises and see if they cause the pain.

I watched part of an interesting presentation by Andy Philips, who has taken to producing detailed still life images in his kitchen. He showed us how. He also described the number of hours he takes on one image. 

I would like to try..........

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