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Discovering art

I set my alarm for 0555 so that I could book a grocery delivery from Tesco at Easter. It’s not because we are doing a lot of entertaining, but it’s easier than booking a carer for while I am shopping. At 0600 the Tesco website crashed. I made no progress and sank back into sleep. (Later on, there was no problem and plenty of slots!)

My main job this morning was to be a hairdresser, so we completed the morning tasks later than usual. The result seems fine.

It is half term, so no choir. When Joan arrived I left the house and drove to Acomb Woods. This was my first real attempt to walk on uneven ground. I was very careful and did not attempt anything tricky.

The snowdrops are still out and look wonderful. To my delight, I soon found the yellow Star of Bethlehem. It is rare and the site is designated a SSSI because of it.

I’ve checked the dates for the past few years. Only once have I seen it as early as February. Most of my blips are in late March. Hopefully there will be more to see.

It was very windy and I was handholding a 90mm close up lens. It was tempting to bend over. The results were not great, but I don’t suppose my hip is really supposed to be doing these tasks yet.

I became fascinated by a series of murals on a fallen tree. Wonderful abstract art. What can you see in this one, I wonder?

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