A day in the life

By Shelling

Work and walk

I managed to get a walk after a long day of running through songs and arrangements. It may seem difficult to understand that music I have performed many times before, the latest time being a year ago, should demand new effort to get into a playable state. The amount of work to get it onto the top shelf of memory is of course much less than when I first struggled with constructing the arrangements but they do fade away ever so quickly if they are not played for a long time. Therefore I need to put some work in to "get them into the fingers" again. How I wish that once I've learned how to play a certain song or piece, it would forever be stored in my motor and long time memory so that I could at any time be able to play a piece I learned years ago. Time has to be put into the process each time even though the process i shorter.

My walk was along the beach in Färjestaden, my nearest urban area. The weather has been shifting a lot between rain and sun but it's nice and mild and not too much wind. I think my blip shows a good cross section of the day.

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