By dunkyc


We were initially meant to go bowling before Christmas, but a large lot of snow had put paid to that and then my panto shenanigans had meant that the trip had been postponed until now.

Today the weather was glorious, and so I headed to Bowness first to collect Miss Simmo which gave us a bit of extra time to have an overdue catch up and gossip on our way to the rendezvous in a gloriously sunny Morecambe.

I hadn’t been bowling for a long time and was pretty rubbish from what I can remember, but I had a couple of good games today. More importantly, it was really nice to see Miss Simmo and also get to chat a little with her Sisters and their partners who are a very lovely bunch!

Whilst the bowling was fun and the craic was good, my favourite part of the whole experience was easily Simmo’s bowling technique (pictured here with her kind permission). Under the wafer thin excuse of “oooh, I’ve got a bad back”, every turn she pulled over a child’s ramp (y’know…..for kids) on which the ball is placed before a gentle nudge sends it on its way. Nothing wrong with that per se, but I think it was the position that Simmo adopted to send the balls rolling which made me laugh the most.

Cracking afternoon!

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