An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

A sight for sore eyes...

Thankfully I felt much brighter when I woke up this morning and knew I would feel well enough to head out for a little while this afternoon.

Alan had a hydrotherapy session at 1.00pm so we had lunch while he was in the pool.  He is on really good form at the moment and his energy levels are good.  Think his colitis flare up has finally settled a bit.  Wish they would hurry up and organise his CT scan though as it would be good to see exactly what he's dealing with and get the medication to sort it.

Still having some energy left after lunch, we headed to Loch Earn.  It's a short run from us and one of my favourite views.

The little cafe at St Fillans was closed, so no ice cream by the loch today.  Instead we just sat and soaked in the view and chatted to the brace of ducks around out feet.  I was annoyed as I'd looked out a can of sweetcorn to take for them but forgot it.  They were not impressed and wandered off when another car arrived in the parking bay!  

Back home via the Coop in Crieff to buy a some bits and bobs I forgot to include in the Tesco order this week.  Dinner over, I put my feet up and promptly fell asleep for almost three hours!  

Last day of the antibiotics tomorrow.  Can't wait.  They are wiping me out....but I'm grateful they're not snapping any of my tendons!!! :-)

More pics in extras.


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