Hay Making

There was lots of activity going on this afternoon as I walked along the road to get to Stainborough Castle Gardens this afternoon. The hay was being baled at an amazing fast pace and then each one was being loaded onto a trailer ready to be taken back to the farm. I've done very little editing on this image as I'm trying to upload before my time runs out on my mobile broadband connection (we lost the main connection again at lunchtime - see backblip for Sunday for further explanation).

I was on my way to Wentworth Castle Gardens when I took this as there was a lecture on and an opportunity to view the newly restored conservatory. I might change the photo or add a view of the conservatory if I get the internet back (I've downloaded these images to my main computer). It was all very impressive and the conservatory in conjunction with the visitors centre is going to be amazing - a wonderful place to visit. Apparently they've managed to restore 80% of the original iron-work. I think if you'd seen it in its dilapidated state you'd be as amazed as I was at hearing this news. They expect it all to be finished by the Autumn so we're looking forward to getting our invitation to attend one of the opening events.

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