talloplanic views

By Arell

And that's the end of the story

I decided to ride Fidra to the office today.  It was lovely and dry at lunchtime for the journey in, but thanks to my 6pm meeting being unconnect-toable and me getting to go home an hour and a half early, I skillfully chose the exact time to ensure I rode through the one angry band of rain that came and went.  I'd only just washed the poor thing, too.  It was strange yet familiar being back in my old helmet: the excessive ventilation, the looseness of the padding.  It's a good job I didn't donate it after all to my ex-neighbour's boys for them to resume playing at helicopter pilots.  Hopefully my newly repaired dome will be back before too long.

The more-indomitable-than-me Ms. Beard didn't just putter to work and back: she rode all the way around the world.  It seems she had such a time doing it that she never quite settled ever after.  It might have taken her 30 or 40 years to get around to writing her account, which segues neatly into an abbreviated autobiography, but what an account.  Thank you, @BikerBabe, I really enjoyed it.

I was very sad to learn that today was also the end of the road for Hairy Biker Dave Myers.

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