A weird day really.

I should be excited about Budy coming home and all the future adventures but it's been a sad day because my friend Nellie died. Unexpected and a bit of a shock really. You don't think that someone your age will die and just not be there any more with his politcal comments and his in depth rants. He made the best cups of tea indeed the only tea I ever drink and our camping trips just won't be the same without him. Gem is out in Australia on holiday, she went a week ago and I hope she knows that we're all thinking of her. I can't even begin to imagine what she's going through but I hope she makes the right choice for her about the right thing to do. Thankfully she's with friends.

I have good friends. They're there when we need them and today has been no exception. The support, the kind words, the nice memories and all the stories from days gone by.

I think maybe we should plan a camping trip. Obviously I'll be travelling in luxury! Ha! Budy is as cool as they come when it comes to campervans and I'm forgiving the membership to the Caravan Club cause I can't wait to go on a jolly!

We'll make tea and smoke fags and chatter about old times and I think it'll be quite therapeutic for all of us. Kev will bring the coffee and the tunes and Nellie will bring the tea and rants. I hope they're looking after each other.

RIP boys x

Gem I love you. x

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