I Witness

By KangaZu

Tiny Tuesday ...

... Willy Wonky ear and his tiny chair.

I purchased this tiny chair a little while ago at an indoor 'garage sale' held at a local church.  And then just waited for the perfect time to use it.  I think Tiny Tuesday was the time.  Thanks to Pinkhairedlady for hosting Tiny Tuesday all the month.

In other news ... I'm sure you are tired of hearing about Cheddar and his ear infection ... I'm tired of having to write about it!  Anyway ... we had yet another follow up visit at the vet office this evening.  Sigh ... he still has an infection in the right ear.  It was recommended that he have a procedure done to look for polyps.  Sometimes cats (and other animals) will have these polyps that just breed infections.  If there are polyps they will be removed during the procedure and hopefully this will get rid of any infections.  They will also be able to do a thorough flush of his ear at the time.  The procedure is done at the office using a mild sedative.  It's scheduled for this Thursday ... I'll update you then.  

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