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By walkingMarj

At Gunnerton

I had to go to Wark this morning for a blood test. There were no appointments at my local surgery. I enjoyed waiting because people came for prescriptions and each one greeted the waiting room cheerfully.

What was less good was the poor soundproofing so we could hear what the nurse was saying to her patient! (Apparently it's worse if you go to the loo, because the GP's consulting room is next door and you can hear through....)

I had blood taken and a nice chat with Helen the nurse.

Home for lunch and to sort out a few queries from the chapel about Wednesday. Suddenly these things weigh heavy.

I drove to Gunnerton to take one or two things to the funeral director. Then I went in search of primroses on Gunnerton Fell. They are only just opening. It was sunny and that made photography tricky.

I'll return when more are out. (I also realise that I usually go there and scramble about the hillside - not so with a new hip!)

The mosses and lichens were superb. The lichen here is a Cladonia but I don't know which one.

I had a surprising phone call from the pharmacist at the surgery suggesting I start on statins! I have very low BP, normal blood lipids and my renal function is reviewed because it is at the lower end of normal. Is there some drive to have more people on statins?! I declined.

Liz called before dinner and we had a good chat.  

Thank you for recommendations for a guest bed. I will go and look at them after next week is over.

Good news: Obitus has found the correct recording for the Mendelssohn. Brilliant. Very helpful. I can tick that off the list (if I had one).

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