A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer



Rather a full Saturday. The day was taken up with attending the Annual Conference of Quaker Treasurers at Friends House in London - pictured. The evening was taken up by a band booking at the Buddhist centre in Cambridge.

The conference wasn't as useful as it might have been. Worth going, but it didn't answer many of the questions that were being posed. Still, it was good to visit Friends House, which is something I do rarely.

The band booking was my first with Full Circle. The event was a day of various acts at the Buddhist Centre - we were the ceilidh at the end of the day. Not many dancers, but then the dance floor was quite compact, but everyone had a great time.

The huge surprise, for me anyway, was the venue. The small unassuming entrance foyer opened up at the back to an early 19th century theatre! Utterly unexpected.

Photographically this is interesting because it's taken on my new phonething. I wasn't going to lug the SLR to London and wondered about taking E's Canon compact but, although I've not yet set up the thing as a phone, I took the handset simply as a camera.

Seems to take passable snaps.

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