There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Candy Interlude

It was a busy day, with lots of things chocked into it. My husband and I went for a drive in his old car, we dropped off recycling, we had a dentist appointment at 1 in another town, we shopped at Weis, we hiked on Sandy Ridge (sorry, bone lovers; no bones on this trip!), we stopped for hoagies and potato chips, and we arrived home exhausted, but with much accomplished.

As we were wrapping up the cruise in the old car, my husband asked if I would hop out at Way Fruit Farm and "pick me up a couple of Pez." In particular, cherry, grape, and lemon. How many did he want? Well, when I said 6 each, that wasn't enough. So he dropped me off, and I ran in and bought nearly two pounds of candy, which you may see in this photo.

The mix of candy in this shot includes those marvelous juicy candied fruit slices (lemon is the best!), Pez, gummy worms (a personal fave), Smarties double lollies, a couple of caramel cremes, some regular Smarties, and even an odd red Swedish fish or three or four.

We don't keep such candy in our house all of the time, but we do stop once in a while for some treats. If we have candy around, it is our custom in the evening, after dinner, while watching entertainment, to enjoy a few pieces. 

For me on this day, that was one double lolly, one gummy worm, and half of a lemon slice. My husband ate a bunch of Pez without even using a Pez dispenser. (This is one of his weirdities; isn't eating the candies out of the cute little Pez containers half the point? I rest my case!)

This song is a personal favorite when the topic of candy (and candy stores) comes up: Johnny Cash, with Ballad of a Teenage Queen.

Added later: Yikes! This is a blip-day! So hi, hello, and welcome to all of you who pop by! I'd like to invite you each to select a few favorites and take them with you. If I could send them to you via the USB port, I would! Sweets to the sweet, as they say!

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