An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

The evil side eye!

Alan was over the moon when he realised Withers, LeeAnne and Po were still here this morning.  Look at the loving smiles he gave them all....tee hee!

Moving on :-) Despite declaring yesterday evening that we would never eat again, we did.  Full cooked brunch with tea and coffee (thank you for your contribution D.  You are indeed the best butler ever :-))  

D had a quick chat via FaceTime with Withers' husband Jim.  They are meeting up with us on our holiday to Wales later in the summer so the new golf buddies can have a couple of rounds of golf.  One at the rather posh Royal St David's Club, Harlech and another round somewhere else, but can't remember where.  This means I will be left at the mercy of the Withers woman.  I am starting a bail fund!

Once organised, they set off on the journey back to LeeAnne's new pad in Eyemouth, stopping at Doune Arts and Antiques Centre.  I declined the invitation to join them at the Antique Centre as you really can have too much of a good thing!  Hahhahahahahahaha!  The house was very quiet once they'd gone :-))

Spent a chunk of the afternoon continuing to join the squares on the crochet cuddle blanket.  I'd completed the vertical joins so now on the horizontal ones.  It is so fiddly but I love the result, so the aching hands are worth it.

Dinner was the left overs from last night's picnic style dinner.  Continental meats, cheeses, salad, olives and the like.  Yummy and effortless.   

Tesco online order done as well.  Not a huge one, just some breakfast / lunch things to tide us over the weekend on holiday in Oban.  Plan to eat out most days.  Looking forward to it.  Tomorrow I must turn my mind to packing!  Alan is looking forward to getting rid of us for a week!  :-))

PS Jane did eventually get a smile from Alan :-)

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