A Long Ride

Temperature about +7. Overcast, the sun tried to shine through. Moderate wind from southwest.

I went by moped to see more the surrounding of our possible future living place. Mr S couldn't come with me, he began to cook our weekend meal. 

I had to use a navigator in google maps for the first time for the neighbourhood isn't very familiar to me. I did the ride about an hour and a half, one way, I should have done it in about forty minutes. In two spots the navigator didn't get my place well or something. I guess I didn't hold it in the right position. The same thing in one spot when I was coming back home. But I was wiser to use it and remembered the route myself quite well. The trip was in total about 12 kilometers, but the weather was actually very good to ride. Mr S waited for me to the dinner and was a bit worried, although I called him when I was there and starting to ride back. However, he knows I care about myself very well and he has called after me only once or twice in our time together of decades.

The new neighbourhood isn't as nice as this where we live now, but might also be worse. We have seen two apartments in the house last summer and they were nice. Anyway, if we move there, I suppose we will come back after the renovation, but it remains to be seen.

In the picture I was back quite near home. The building is the 122-year-old Oulunkylä Seurahuone, that has burned down twice and has been used in a variety of ways. Seurahuone is an traditional Finnish name of a hotel and/or restaurant that still is used in quite many places.

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