By carliewired

68 F/ 20 C

Grey, grey and more grey...
We could have rain today and
that would be welcome


I pushed the bins out to the street for collection just before 6, then I was on my way to Tranquille. 

From a great distance, I could see a trail of dust in the air above the Red Lake Road. I waited by the railway crossing to see what was coming out of the Lac du Bois area making such a cloud. Soon a loaded logging truck emerged and headed off towards the city. I passed/met several on my short jaunt this morning. 

I drove as far as the turn up to Lac du Bois, then paused for a panorama of the east end of Kamloops Lake and the Canadian National railway lines. A water tanker truck spraying the gravel road came up behind me and turned around beside my car. I noticed it had a City of Kamloops sign on the door. I don't understand why the city would be keeping the dust down on this stretch so far from inhabitants. 

I stopped for a panorama of the wetlands pond with the river beyond. Everything was quiet and still here this morning. 

I turned back to Tranquille Farm to check on the osprey. The hunter of the pair was very busy keeping the nest provided. It was in and out several times and liked to perch on the nearby power poles. 

I was home by 7:30 with no plans to go anywhere else today. I hope it is a quiet one. 

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