An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

The easiest hello...

and the hardest goodbye.

Alan's support worker (and our friend) Christine got in touch at the weekend to let us know her handsome German Shepherd Clyde had been put to sleep.  It's the news I've been dreading since she told me a few weeks ago that he'd been diagnosed with Canine degenerative myelopathy. He was eleven and such a big gentle softie of a dog.

Christine and her husband are absolutely devastated.  They have a younger GS called Bailey and he's missing his big brother too.  Her dogs really are her life.  It's going to take her a long time to get over his loss :(  I ordered this little gift for her and it arrived today.   Every time I look at it I well up.  Dogs really are every bit as important and loved as human family members and their loss is no less easy to bear.  Some people don't get that.  I feel sorry for them. 

The blue trousers and the shoes I ordered to try with my wedding outfit have arrived.  Too busy doing chores today to try them on so that's a task for tomorrow.

We've had awful thunder and lightening today and torrential rain.  A local golden retriever got spooked by the thunder and has run off.  She's still missing.  We have an excellent local missing pets organisation who is co-ordinating the search and have been out with their drones.  I hope they find her soon.  Her owners must be frantic.  She ran off around 3pm and I keep checking the site to see if she's been found, but nothing yet :-(

Jeez, started my blip with a sad story about a dog and ended on one too :-((

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