Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR


Don't you just love them? I am talking to the women now - most men don't care what they wear on their feet just as long as they are comfortable - women wear shoes because they look good, and forget about comfort. I love shoes but actually cannot get all the best looking ones today as they are too high for me. I admire those young girls tottering along in 6 inch heels, I don't know how they do it.

In South Africa these red ones are called takkies...I think all over the world most kids wear trainers (or takkies!) and the high tech sports ones are quite an industry today with most brands being household names.

So I finally finished the photo book about an hour ago - apologies for not catching up with journals, I will try and have a look at them now. The photo book was hours and hours of work but hopefully Adam will love it. The poor boy is just coming round from surgery now - as the hospital is in London my husband is with him, and he told me not to come up to London as it was not necessary.

So today it is happy birthday to Madiba - I cannot believe that Nelson Mandela made 95 years when a couple of weeks ago he was about to depart this life. He must have a great inner strength and a will to live.

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