The Big Walk

The day progressed far too quickly, and still I hadn't done anything about my daily walk. We were due for dinner across the road with neighbours of Carl's and the need for a nap in the mean time also beckoned. But still I had to get out there and walk. For some reason I began in a direction utterly different from anything I'd tried before, and ended up going on a bit of a marathon. As I've said many times since, even in the whole of my health previously I'd hesitate taking this walk, so managing this today was an achievement which I'm really, really proud of. The extent of the perambulation can be seen here. Apart from the actual distance involved, the significance also included the fact that I was barely out of breath when I got back to Carl's place.

This church is a building I've always admired since the first time I saw it. It's on Adelaide Road in Glenageary, and this view gives an unusually rural impression of its location. Turning onto Silchester Road after that inevitably raised strong feelings of envy as I passed the many beautiful and hugely desirable homes along its length. Maybe they aren't worth now what they were two years ago, but they're still jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

I grabbed a quick nap when I got back to Carl's place, and we knocked on the neighbours' door at 6.30 as per invite. We had a wonderful night: beautiful food, great company, wonderful chat -- the perfect recipe for a terrific time with friends.

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