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Enthusiasm for life

Here are 2 of our very welcome visitors this morning. My friend Pauline brought her daughter and granddaughter to see us. R is 6 months old and doing all the things that babies her age are supposed to. She is very sociable and loved all the attention.

I chose this photo from the many I snapped because it shows how relaxed R and her Mum are together.

At the moment they arrived I had just found out that one of the Festival walks had to be changed to another date - just after the printer had printed one side of the programme. ARGHH! It was not good. I managed to move the walk and have the erratum printed on the other side of the programme but my nerves have still not quite calmed down.

I've been putting the programme on the web this afternoon, ready to unveil it to you all tomorrow.

Tonight we are off to the opening concert of this year's Corbridge Chamber Music Festival. It's a highlight of our year and particularly nice because we know a lot of the regular musicians.

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