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Desert Island Discs with James MacMillan

This afternoon's concert at Corbridge was a fascinating one. The composer James MacMillan came along to share his Desert Island Discs. The music was played festival musicians. I really enjoyed the way he explained his choices and how they have influenced his musical development. We had Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Messaien, Schumann and MacMillan himself.

Mum was thrilled because we heard the clarinet movement from the Quartet for the End of Time. We are taking her painting inspired by this to show James Mac tonight. I find his music hard to access but I'm much more willing to try now. Tonight's piano trio was commissioned by the Gould piano trio.

I'm posting now because the second concert tonight starts at 10pm and I will be too tired to blip when we get home.

Oh yes - this is James MacMillan

It rained heaviliy through the concert, providing excessing percussion!!

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