Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog


The weather stayed fine for 8yo and I to walk across the moors to Ilkley.

As I mentioned last week we took a gentle route, over Baildon Moor, along Sconce Lane to Bingley Moor, past Horncliffe Well before lunching here, at the Twelve Apostles stone circle on Burley Moor. Then it was just the short but steep descent of Ilkley Moor, past the four trees made so famous by @earthdreamer, White Wells and the little tarn down into Ilkley.

Given the time of year I was a little anxious that we'd run into a shoot. We did, but at least not blocking our path and it gave me an opportunity to talk with 8yo about the bloody reality of grouse moors and my occasional youthful forays into shoot sabbing. Here's one grouse that was, today at least, out of range of the guns.

We arrived in Ilkley with plenty of energy left over, demonstrating that 8yo is up for more strenusous adventures than a five mile trek across the moors.

So today's blip is 8yo enjoying the Twelve Apostles, in some ways reminiscent of his appearance in a Roman amphitheatre a couple of summers ago.

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