The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

Flight 64: into my past

These are a few gems/Ladybird books from my mother's attic. I am sure that this is not the entire collection, though. However, it gives me plenty to read, if I ever run short...

I had the idea I might price them up with a view to selling them. Now I think I might just look at them for a while. Or even read the one about lenses in case I can find out how my camera works.

At work I helped a student make cupcakes. I don't love cupcakes, they seem to have taken over the world with their silly pink fluffiness; but needs must, and they did smell good. Then I came home and made a Christmas fruit cake ( yes, really!) for CleanSteve's birthday next week. I have just taken it out of the oven after four hours of baking, and it smells mighty fine. What a relief that I can now go to bed and it's not even midnight yet!

It's Hydrotherapy, rebound therapy and sensory room therapy with the students tomorrow. We have a trampoline (aka rebounder) the size of the Ritz.

The DVD of the super 8 cine film arrived today! It's hilarious to see my little brother Ruaraidh, aged three and a half, run on screen in his cowboy-outfit trousers and execute a near perfect caber toss with a wooden pole! He now has three sons who love to play at re enacting the Edinburgh military tattoo. Plus ca change... I hope to save up enough to get the whole bunch converted, then CleanSteve can edit all he wants in FinalCut pro.

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