Sea this, sea that, sea the other

My first stock of tablets was close to running out, so today's walk had a dual purpose: get in my regulation period of exercise, and get my prescriptions re-filled. I walked up to the People's Park and got the tablets in a chemist's shop near there, then continued to Marine Road and down towards the harbour, stopping off at what used be the Gastro Pub Company place and is now the Harbor [sic] Bar & Grill for a bite to eat.

The rain began to fall while I was inside, and the rest of my walk, back to Glasthule along the sea front, was a bit miserable. Still, even with nasty drizzly rain coming down, some blippage had to be done. There are several apartment developments along the stretch which housed the (in)famous Mirabeau restaurant many, many years ago, including three in a row which were obviously the brain children of the same developer, as evidenced by the similarity of their names and their nameplates.

After the evening meal, Carl and I watched and enjoyed Frost/Nixon. (Must say, Frank Langella's Nixon is much better than Michael Sheen's Frost.)

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