Let Me In Please

Well it was an early rise today as I was out my bed just after 01:30 to start at the back of 3am with a trip to Glasgow then up to Dundee so as I was running early with my empty train from Edinburgh to Glasgow Central they held me out side the station for my allotted slot which can be a pain as you can see the station was hardly busy as they held me on Line "B" Gantry "A" where I took this shot looking into the station waiting for the signal to clear into Platform 1 which was lying empty all along but as it is a computer that runs the signals now the signallers just observe everything to make sure it is as it should be so the time I got in It was a quick change of ends and almost straight back out Sigh oh well such as a life no Costa Coffee for me although I had made my own large Costa on my Tassimo at home and put it in my thermal mug for drinking when I got to work so this is the view looking into Glasgow Central around 05:37 this morning movie for the day is "Let Me In 2010" See Ya

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