All change

Excited to find one of my recent images featured on the blipfoto facebook page :-)

Holiday plans have been thrown out of the window a little today as living in a shack by the Mississippi Delta is far more relaxing that staying in a hotel so this morning asked the owners if we could stay extra time which means that part of the holiday as planned will have to be scrapped. This is the view out of the back of the shack I am staying in. It is essentially a wooden wonky building with a porch which is fenced around with metal netting. The inside roof is copper with lots of verdigris mottling suggesting it leaks in rain. There is an out of tune piano, a well used read into that what you will sink with no plug, a TV linked to the blues channel (no other channel available but the owner told me I would cope with this), decorative rusty Americana and bottle trees even Elmer (of Route 66 bottle tree farm) would be proud of. The shotgun shacks here are built with the doors wonky to discourage spirits of the ghostly kind which are said to haunt them....cue falling asleep with a magnalite in my hand last night due to lack of quick access to a working light switch :-) I bought a pack of brightly coloured pens today and plan to do some mind maps to help me with my thesis exam looming....

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