By KirstyHalbert


A quiet day at work today with a busy spell right at the end which one of the girls was nice enough to help me with - even though it meant her staying late. M emailed with some happy news at lunchtime - we got the confirmation of the hytte we wanted for our trip to Norway in September. It's owned by M's employers and it only costs a nominal amount per night to cover electricity and water. It's gorgeous: fjordside, with a boat, a woodburning stove and 8 beds - enough so that our friends A and L (and their wee boy) can come and stay with us for a night or two if they want.
When I got home, I cooked us a very easy dinner - stirfry - then we opened a bottle of wine and watched Max Payne... I fell asleep and missed the last 10 minutes which is never a good sign! I'm always so grumpy when I get woken up, poor M!

My Blip today is our new key holder - M made it this week from a piece of church pew; it's from the same bit of wood as my spice rack he made me. He loves working with his hands and is a really talented joiner, and I think he misses disappearing to his workshop and crafting something lovely now he works in the office. I now have a beautiful coffee table, a mirror, a spice rack and somewhere to pop my keys. He's very useful :o)

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