School holidays

School holidays truly are a marvellous thing. They used to be the highlight of my teaching year, and they're still right up there (don't get me wrong; I haven't transformed into an altruistic being who lives for her work!). However, nowadays I just see them as an opportunity to catch up with friends, catch up on school work, catch up on photography work and catch up on cleaning and tidying the house. It makes me wonder how I would cope if I didn't have them?

Would I have to become more organised?

Would I have to do less outside of work?

Hmm, obviously too much time to think. I am glad that these breaks give me an opportunity to do things for others which usually I don't have the time for, so that's another bonus.

I was surrounded by furkids this morning as I was brushing my teeth. Pio on the windowsill, Bosco on the edge of the bath, and Cousteau hovering, as if uncertain if he should join the felines or not, by the door. They all stayed put while I got my camera (which of course needed a lens change and a CF card put in it). I love Pio's eversolooooong tail.


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