This morning was another day doing stuff, it was too misty for a bike ride. For me that was a load of ironing and more minor making good round the house. Once the mist had lifted we set out for a bike ride, getting about twenty metres before my better half noted she had a flat....

We went back to the house and swapped the inner tube for the spare (we had the inner tube with us but it's easier to change on our drive than the road side). The tube had gone at the neck where the valve joins - so a right off.

The bike ride was very nice, just on the temperature edge, I'll need just more than a T-shirt next week I think - time to put on my gilet. The ride was pretty good, just under two hours of rolling, 43 km in distance, at an average of 22.5 km/h topping out at 62.6 km/h. There were load of other cyclists today and for once a pack or roadies going in the same direction as us - they always seem to be going the other way... Everything would have been very good except one utter moron in a grey Saab who forced his way past us on a a narrow left-hand bend, only to discover that there was another car coming towards him so he had to get even closer. It's imbeciles like that that give car drivers such a bad reputation... Thankfully all the other car drivers were fine, including an unusually polite BMW.

When we got back to the house it was back to the chores, so I completed the bulk of the ironing and refitted the front door bell to the new door frame.

Today's blip is a close up of a large pile of pebbles (mostly flints) that my better half has dug out of the garden and washed and piled up to create a nice pebble patch. I'm sure you can buy decorative pebbles at the garden centre, these didn't cost anything but our time. While it may be easier to buy them they had to come out of the beds anyway...

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